Fri, Apr 26 | 3435 Stelzer Rd

Search for Tyler Davis #1

Please join our search of the area Tyler was last seen! We need as much help as possible.
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Search for Tyler Davis #1

Time & Location

Apr 26, 2019, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
3435 Stelzer Rd, 3435 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219, USA

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Some suggestions for tomorrow's search:

1. Have your phone's charged and make sure location information is turned on for your photos, that way if you come across anything that could be possible evidence you can take a picture and the GPS coordinates will be logged on the picture so the police can find the same location later. (Just google "turn on location information for pictures on iPhone/Android/etc.)

2. Similarly, if you have a Google account, make sure it's tracking your location so that way your steps can be retraced if needed.

3. I know it’s been suggested that we pick trash up as we go but I don’t really think this is a good idea. If Tyler met foul play we could inadvertently get rid of evidence left by his attacker. Discarded cigarette butts, dropped items, drink cans, weapons - even if it’s just a stick or other items that we could mistake for “trash,” could have been used for their convenience when they needed it to hurt him.

4. I’m sure we’re all aware that there is a chance he passed away that night – foul play or not. Being drunk, tired, and confused, he could have gotten too cold and decided to find some place to try to warm up and rest. It was 29 degrees that night and I don't believe he had a coat on. If he fell asleep – in combination with all of those things – he could have died curled up somewhere. Be sure you are checking anything that could be used as shelter – heavy bushes, piles of sticks, dumped trash, any nook and cranny a person could squeeze into.

5. Things to keep an eye out for: his phone, a wallet or its contents (his and Brittany’s IDs, Hilton hotel key card, credit cards, etc.), clothing (he was last seen wearing black and white Nike shoes, blue jeans and a green and blue flannel shirt) If you find anything, don’t touch it. Take a picture first and then use a stick to turn things over to see if they are important, use a stick to poke gently into thick bushes, check in things someone could have taken shelter in to stay warm.

6. Print off copies of one of the fliers to have with you and pass out to anyone you may come across. There is a residential neighborhood one block from where his phone went dead that I don't believe has been checked yet so a group may want to go door to door there, leave fliers and ask questions - Are they even aware that someone went missing right there? Have they heard/seen anything suspicious around that time and since then? Ask the neighbors if they noticed any weird smells, an increase in animal activity, etc. Can they please check their backyards and places someone may have sought shelter on their property.

7. Last note and the most delicate. If he did pass away that night, you need to know that he will not look like his pictures. It’s been two months outdoors… death, weather and animals will have changed his appearance. If he was left exposed to the elements, he will blend in with the ground and sticks, even his clothes – the white on his Nikes will likely be dark brown – and easy to miss.

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