4/11/19 update

I’ve done interviews for different media stations and their putting out bits and pieces. Please understand that I don’t write these articles, I just tell the story and they write what they want. Their are so many people speculating and making assumptions I just wanted to clear up any misinformation. 🚨 Tyler and I have a young son, we don’t have many opportunities to spend time together. On his birthday, my birthday and our anniversary we always go away for the weekend without our son. The days leading up to Tylers disappearance were normal. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Nobody knew where we were going, we didn’t even book our hotel room until Friday because we didn’t know what area of Columbus we would be staying in. We chose Columbus because it’s close to Tylers parents house and they had our son for the evening. Tyler and I have a very weird schedule, we’ve both been on night shift for a very long time. Friday night Tyler got home from work around 3 am. He was super exhausted because he had worked 6, ten to twelve hour days in a row so he could have Saturday and Sunday off for my birthday. I was making sure all of Aaron’s stuff was packed for his grandparents. Tyler and I hung out for a few hours and headed to bed around 5 am. We were suppose to meet his parents on Stringtown Road in Columbus to get lunch at 12. We were super tired and over slept. We didn’t make it their until a little after 1pm. We ate lunch with his parents and talked to them for a few hours at the Texas Roadhouse on Stringtown Road. After we gave Aaron to Tylers parents we went to a speedway to get gas, then headed towards Easton. We checked into the Hilton around 5pm. Hung out in the hotel and waited for a friend, he arrived around 6/7. The three of us didn’t leave the Hilton until around 8:30/9pm (2/23). After we left we walked around Easton Towne Center for awhile and went into a few stores and just got the lay of the land really. Our first stop was at Bar Louie, we had a drink and left around 10:15pm. Our second stop was Adobe, right next to Bar Louie. We had a few drinks and left around midnight. We walked back to the Hilton to get an Uber to the third bar we went too, The Dollhouse. We get there around 12:45am (2/24). Through the night everything was going fine, we were all having a good time. Laughing, nothing was out of the ordinary. We ended up leaving a little after 2:30am, we waited outside for our Uber which picked us up at 3:00am. On our way back to the hotel Tyler fell asleep in the car. This is what I believe had the biggest impact on the rest of the night. Tyler was exhausted from work, we didn’t sleep much the night before and we had been drinking. We got to the hotel at 3:18am. Both of the guys had fallen asleep on the ride home. I woke up our friend first, (Tyler isn’t the best person to wake up, he can be grumpy) then we woke up Tyler. When we were getting out of the car Tyler fell. When he got up he asked us where our ride was going, said we needed to get back to our hotel when we were standing in front of it. He was groggy, exhausted and confused. But he was aggravated, like he was mad we weren’t where we were suppose to be when we were. So he takes off walking, I go to follow him. Our friend stops me and says hey, don’t worry about it. I’ll go get him, I asked him if he was sure and he says yeah, we will be back soon. I go upstairs plug in my phone, use the restroom and come downstairs. When I came outside I couldn’t find them. Tyler called me at 3:37am. He apologized for the confusion, said he was tired and aggravated just took a walk around the block. Said he’d be back soon. So our friend comes back, tells me the same thing. I wouldn’t worry about it Brittany, he said he’s on his way back. But I had already started getting worked up, I was freaking out. Tyler calls me again at 4:10am. He said he was walking through the woods, he could see the hotel and he would be there in 5 minutes. He apologized for taking so long, said I love you and we ended the call. Immediately after we hung up Tyler calls me back, when I answered it he didn’t say anything, the line was open for 4 seconds then ended. I called his phone back and it went straight to voicemail. It’s went to voicemail every day since. Before we left the last bar Tyler said his phone was almost dead. People make all these comments about how confusing this is, yeah trust me I know. I can’t find my best friend. As far as cameras, there’s 650 in the area, Tyler wasn’t caught on any camera. The last time they have him on video is in front of the Hilton when we got out of the Uber. They’ve done MULTIPLE searches of the Easton Area. They have used sonar, cadaver dogs, dive teams, and boats in these ponds multiple times. It’s like he completely disappeared. After I waited outside for a while on Tyler my phone died, I went back into the hotel charged my phone and called a close friend. We were on the phone for a few hours as she talked to me while I walked around Easton looking for Tyler. I went back to the hotel and started calling all of Tylers friends. Then I called a really good friend of ours from Columbus and he helped me look for Tyler until I called his parents and contacted CPD to file a missing persons report. 🚨 I’m still mind blown everyday that NOBODY HAS SEEN HIM!! I understand from an outsiders perspective looking in you just ask questions. The point of this group is to share ideas, brainstorm, strategize. I have a list that I write down questions for the detectives, you have one? Ask me if I have asked it yet I’ll throw it on there. You have any concerns or comments? Call me. Don’t get on a page to locate my missing husband to judge me or him. He’s an amazing man, a wonderful father. He has so many responsibilities, he would never walk away. We have a very healthy relationship, my husbands my best friend. I’ve also seen a lot of speculation on our friend that was with us that evening. Tyler and his friend have known each other for 10+ years. They talk daily, he comes to our home frequently. He helped design my wedding ring. This is a super close friend to my husband. He’s a good guy. He is not at all associated with Tylers disappearance. When we were out there waiting we assumed Tyler would just walk up on us so many different times. Tyler doesn’t have any prior history of taking walks, never walks away. I’m putting this out here because with multiple news stories circulating of different parts of my story it makes it very hard to clarify. I don’t know how many people on in the group to actually support and share but that’s the only reason this page is created. If you don’t have anything positive or polite to say you will be removed. None of you have ever been through this, and I pray nobody ever has too. You don’t get to say, why didn’t you do this, or that. You weren’t there. You don’t know what you would do in that situation either. So please be respectful, give me ideas, keep sharing his information keep your eyes open. Because at the end of the day I will never give up on this man. EVER. I will look for him, I will talk to people, I will post flyers, do interviews. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I CAN DO TO GET HIM HOME. I will find him, I will get him home to his parents, and to his son. I love him so much, and just wait everyday for him to come home. - Brittany Davis 4/11/19

Source: BRING TYLER DAVIS HOME face book group

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